This new questionnaire provided questions about socioeconomic updates, health background, and you can sexual behavior

The study method is approved by the Ethical Committee of the Silesian Chamber of Doctors and you will Dentists into the Katowice, hans forklaring Poland (SIL/KB/756p/15).

Linguistic recognition

In the first step, i compared the new translations (we.elizabeth., discrepancy quality), and therefore found certain discrepancies when you look at the circumstances 10, 13, 23, and 30. When you look at the goods ten, “create me personally” try interpreted in order to “bring about us to be”; inside the goods thirteen, the term “really” try said to be redundant; inside goods 23, “is an activate” try changed to “is capable of turning me personally into the”. When you look at the item 29, the phrase “certain” was also believed redundant. Next measures, no biggest inconsistencies had been noted, together with basic brand of SESII-W-PL (Polish style of the size and style) was developed. Ultimately, an industry sample try performed regarding band of twenty five feminine college students out of different departments in the College away from Silesia. Difficulties in the insights otherwise interpreting the scale activities was basically recorded, and therefore found specific deviations into the activities 11 and you may 16. (mais…)

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